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The Fancy Stuff



Confessions of a Career Expert

With the thousands of resumes I have seen over the years, I have developed a possibly unreasonable aversion to Times New Roman font.

It's nothing personal, TNR, you just bug me with your world domination. I like to root for the underdogs.

This tells you a little bit about me but, just in case you are a person who prefers your bios full of more factoids, here's:

The Fancy Stuff

Career Expert - Since 1998, I have assisted thousands
of individuals—from high school students to mid-career professionals—to connect creatively and authentically with work or school that suits their goals and aspirations. My former work recruiting internal medicine physicians and 8-year role as a community member of the Queen's University Medical School application process has resulted in many medical students standing up and yelling, "She's the reason I'm in
medical school!" as I enter their classroom. Not true, but lovely of them to be so appreciative of my coaching help! I have created and implemented highly popular Applying to Meds, Meds Interviewing and Residency Application and Interviewing programs.

I have been qualified to administer and interpret the personality tool, MBTI™ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) since 1999 and was an institutional member of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) from 1998-2009. I graduated from a Disability Studies diploma program in 1993. Due to my ongoing commitment to and interest in accessibility issues, I was appointed as Director Representing Persons with Disabilities to the 1000 Islands Workforce Development Board from 2007-2011. I was also very privileged to work as a voting member of the Employment Standards Development Committee of the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario during 2008/2009.

All of the diverse people I have worked with inspire my career writing and speaking and they make me believe even more that everyone deserves to find their own "Happily Ever After" at work.

Writer - I am the author of, "Career Cupid - Your Guide to Landing and Loving Your Dream Job" (Writing on Stone Press, 2009), a humorous and informative book that draws parallels between the process of finding a great romance and finding a great job. I was a career columnist for JobPostings magazine from 2010-2012 and an Expert on CollegeXPress.com. I am also the editor of two previous editions of the campus best-selling book, "Queen's Best Résumés and Cover Letters". Currently, I am spending my work-at-home days writing fiction for children and more non-fiction for adults.

Speaker - I have been fortunate to speak at such diverse venues as The National Consultation on Career Development (NATCON), the Women in Science and Engineering Conference (WISE), and the Withinsight Canadian Student Leadership Conference. For 20 years, I taught thousands of career strategies classes to university undergraduates and graduates in diverse disciplines ranging from engineering to art history. I have also counselled Executive MBA students and have developed and delivered a career strategies course for technology students in community college.

Photo of DaizyBug my VW Beetle Vintage Lover - I love all things vintage and collect vintage vehicles (at least, that's my goal...to have a collection) and have enjoyed a VW Beetle (2003-2012), a Fiat 500 (2013-present) and a Boler travel trailer (2010-present). Read more about my vintage-inspired life at my blog: avintagelife.wordpress.com

Excerpts from my Smile File

When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. - Helen Keller

"I have been with other career counsellors and Christine has been the best at helping push me but at the same time building my confidence. The job search process is not easy yet Christine made it fun and in the end very successful. She clearly cares about each individual client and not just because it is her business." - Bill M.

"Working with Christine has been a real pleasure. As a career counsellor, she is forward-thinking, sincere, and empathetic – I wish that every single student in Canada had the opportunity to sit down with Christine. Thankfully, those are traits that come across in her writing. As a columnist for jobpostings magazine, Christine is always well-ahead of deadline, and her writing is an absolute pleasure to edit. She never goes for the obvious lead, and her subject matter is always fresh, insightful, and relevant; she never writes fluff pieces. She is also damn funny, and has an uncanny ability to connect with readers on a personal level, always understanding their concerns, and always leaving them feeling encouraged" - Jason R.

"Not only was Christine's academic and career resource advice invaluable, but also her support boosted my flagging morale at the right times. I would always leave her office feeling more purposeful. Christine was a valuable resource for me." - Marney S.

"Christine is a warm, reliable and insightful professional. She knows how to truly listen, and she reflects what she hears in to useful steps that help her clients find rewarding results. She is able to help clients effectively analyze their aptitudes and interests and then formulate an action plan for realizing their goals. She has a clear passion for her field, and she is committed to helping people find their passion as well. I highly endorse her abilities." - Chris W.

I found you to be an excellent speaker and your method of presentation was very effective. This is saying something, since as of 3:30 today, we had already endured 6 hours of lecture time and until your presentation began I was nodding-off at my desk. (Careers in Medicine workshop) - 1st-year Medical student

Best workshop I've taken so far in 3 years. Very helpful! (Applying to Meds workshop) - Graduating Biomedical Computing student

You were really helpful/informative and more than that, really warm and approachable such that I felt comfortable engaging in questions. (Applying to Meds workshop) - Graduating Life Sciences student