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Selected Career Articles

Monthly Career Columnist for Job Postings magazine, two years

Quarterly Career Columnist for Job Postings magazine, (Dis)Abilities edition, two years

Articles in Grad School Planning Guide

Articles on Schoolfinder.com

Articles in Career Options magazine

Articles in Career Options magazine - High School Edition

Contributor, Women for Hire.com

Contributor, Queen's Alumni Review magazine


Job Postings magazine

    "Newsflash: Lifeguards Don't Get Engineering Jobs"

    "Skills, School and a Guy Called Sheldon"

    "Please Pass the Passion"

    "Careers are Like Ice Cream - What Flavour Do You Want?"

    "What Are You Going to do with THAT degree?!"

    "The Indy 500 of Jobs"

    "Square Peg, Round Career?"

    "A Career Crush"

    "The Wallflower's Reprieve"

    "Career Dating and the Jobs That Suck"

    "Searching for a Career Crystal Ball"

    "Its Not YouIts Me (and my fear of hiring Jenna Maroney from 30 Rock"

    "The Secret Language of Employers"

    "A Career Blind Date"

(dis)Ability edition - Job Postings magazine

    "Bacon: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore"

    "Driving Positive Change Through Disability"

    "Got Accommodations? Are You Sure?"

    "The Career Adventures of a Zombie"

Career Options magazine

    Co-Author, "Vampires and Ultimate Frisbee: Could They Help With Your Future?" - High school edition

    "Take Action! Strategies for Success at Career Fairs"

Additional articles

    Project Lead/Editor, What's Next? magazine (6 years)

    "Advice From a Med School Interviewer" - The Career Planning Guide magazine

    "Your Career Centre Will Save Your Life" - G2G magazine

    Career Cupid Blog

    "Fall in Love With Your Career This Valentine's Day", TalentEgg.ca

    "Would You Rather Clean Than Read a Career Book?", Womenforhire.com

    "Five Steps to Career Survival", Queen's Alumni Review magazine

    "Career Dating: First Love With a Side Dish of Platitudes" (book excerpt), What's Next, Career Services magazine

    "How to Get the Most Out a Career Fair", Job Talk magazine

    "Orange Hair and What to Wear", Schoolfinder.com

    "Scary Medical School Interview Questions", Schoolfinder.com

    "Medical School Interviews: The Basics", Schoolfinder.com

    "Interviews, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly", Globe & Mail (re-print)

    "Interviews, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly", Class2Careers.com (re-print)

    "Interviews, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly", Workopolis.com

    "To Disclose or Not to Disclose: That is the Question", Globe & Mail (re-print)

    "To Disclose or Not to Disclose: That is the Question", Workopolis.com

    "Work and the 'Invisible' Disability", Episodes newsletter

    "Watch TV, then Land a Great Career", Workopolis.com

    "Start With Interests, Not Your Disability", Episodes newsletter