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    Welcome to Career Cupid

    People often seek career help when they're in transition--from high school to post-secondary, from post-secondary to next steps, from one job to another, from one life phase to another.

    Got a goal? Thinking about options? Need some insights to help you update your resume? Whether you're feeling stuck, need support, or a little clarity to get you on your way, Career Cupid can help.

    Who is Career Cupid?

    I am a writer, speaker and career expert on a mission to explore and embrace
    "happily ever after" in my life and work...
    and to help others do the same using my unique combination of expertise and humour.

    I have 20 years of experience working with the post-secondary population as well as a strong background and focus on assisting students interested in medical school and residency. Check out my forthcoming book, Just What the Doctor Ordered: The Insider's Guide to Getting into Medical School or my other services.


pink viewmaster

    Christine is damn funny and has an uncanny ability to connect with readers on a personal level, always understanding their concerns, and always leaving them feeling encouraged.

    -J. Rhyno, Editor (Job Postings magazine)

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