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'about' typed in typewriter letters

Well, hello there! Photo of Christine sitting on a porch swing, wearing a hat

Interested in my career or medical school/residency application expertise? Read my professional bio here.

Since you're getting to know me, I should tell you first thing that I have an abnormally-large head.

Oh, it might not look it at first glance, but that's just because I'm all strapping and tall and stuff. Trust me on this: my skull has been blessed with largesse.

See the hat over there?

It's one of the hard-fought specimans I have in my "it's-a-miracle-it-actually-fits-my-rubenesque-cranium-so-I-must-have-it-and-does-it-come-in-any-other-colours?" collection.

Maybe it's because my head is larger than average, but it seems to be filled with ideas. Ideas for helping people communicate with their audiences, achieve their goals...and yes--even stories about pirates who need glasses and super hero mobiles that make me cry.

But, I have noticed that yelling "I have an idea!" tends to frighten the skittish and make the sensible roll their eyes so, I try not to ignite the masses by blurting out juicy tidbits about pirates and potatoes too often.

Instead, I type them...usually at 100+ words per minute. Y'see, in addition to my abnormally-large head, I have abnormally-fast fingers.

It's kind of ideal, really. But, contrary to what this picture seems to imply, I don't actually type while sitting on my beloved front porch swing. I'm old-fashioned that way. Okay and also, as much as I love them, swings sometimes make me faint, even when I'm not trying to type and swing at the same time.

I guess the air must be thinner up here, wandering around with my head all up in the clouds, as I tend to do. I used to faint a lot, but now I take medication and can stay pretty much upright.

Which is a miracle, really, considering the size of my head.

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