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'about' typed in typewriter letters

Well, hello there! Photo of Christine sitting on a porch swing, wearing a hat

Interested in my career expertise? Read my professional bio here.

Since you're getting to know me, I should tell you first thing that I have an abnormally-large head.

Oh, it might not look it at first glance, but that's just because I'm all strapping and tall and stuff. Trust me on this: my skull has been blessed with largesse.

See the hat over there?

It's one of the hard-fought specimans I have in my "it's-a-miracle-it-actually-fits-my-rubenesque-cranium-so-I-must-have-it-and-does-it-come-in-any-other-colours?" collection.

Maybe it's because my head is larger than average, but it seems to be filled with ideas. Ideas for potato businesses and pirates who need glasses and super hero mobiles that make me cry.

But, I have noticed that yelling "I have an idea!" tends to frighten the skittish and make the sensible roll their eyes so, I try not to ignite the masses by blurting out juicy tidbits about pirates and potatoes too often.

Instead, I type them...usually at 100+ words per minute. Y'see, in addition to my abnormally-large head, I have abnormally-fast fingers.

It's kind of ideal, really. But, contrary to what this picture seems to imply, I don't actually type while sitting on my beloved front porch swing. I'm old-fashioned that way. Okay and also, as much as I love them, swings sometimes make me faint, even when I'm not trying to type and swing at the same time.

I guess the air must be thinner up here, wandering around with my head all up in the clouds, as I tend to do. I used to faint a lot, but now I take medication and can stay pretty much upright.

Which is a miracle, really, considering the size of my head.

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