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picture of woman blowing dandelion seeds - photo credit, Emily FlakeCreative Non-Fiction

Friends Beyond the End, Globe & Mail

Giving Birth to a Lie, Globe and Mail

Eye Candy, Toronto Star, Wheels.ca

"Against Sainthood" (poem), Queen's Alumni Review Magazine

Community Editorial Board bi-monthly column, Kingston Whig Standard

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Picture of my 70's Fiat 500 called HedgehugBlog - A Vintage Life

I know you won't believe it, but not everyone craves a vintage life. Case in point: My husband, Practical Man, has been heard to mutter things like, "I threw one of those out in 1972", while I am fawning over my latest treasure.

Read more about my vintage-inspired life

Writing for Children

Christine, at 4 years old, on the swings I am currently writing lower middle-grade books and picture books. Sample drafts include:

Picture Books

The Trouble with Giants - Living with a Giant is not easy, especially one who is gassy and messy and rude to royalty. The Trouble with Giants is a fanciful fairytale with an unexpected twist.

Waiting for Sprout - Children arrives in all kinds of ways into all kinds of famililes. Waiting for Sprout is a lyrical celebration of love and welcome that is inclusive to every reader and listener. #LGBTQ2S+

Elephant Sandwiches - How many Hedgehogs can fit in an English phone box? 427. How many elephants? 0. Elephants Sandwiches proves that no matter how different we might seem, everyone belongs in the place they call home. #immigrants #refugees

Chapter Books/Early Middle Grade

Christine, at 6 years old, reading in bedMolly Pearl, Magic Girl - Lightning is no ordinary, tail-wagging dog: he's a magician's assistant. As they head into grade four together, Lightning and Molly prove that magicians (and Great Danes) are a lot like every kid and that messing up is part of growing up, even if your personality—or disability—makes you more abracadabra than average. #ownvoices #disability

Tangerine, the Pirate Queen - Tangerine is only nine but she can already spit almost three feet and steer a ship without tripping over any whales (mostly). But, she doesn't have quite as many freckles as Sliver, the only other pirate her age. When all the pirates (except for the meanest one of all) seem to have lost their candy compasses, Tangerine sets out to pull off a treasure hunt the size of a chocolate tsunami and learns that being a good pirate is about a lot more than freckles.

Jupiter Juice: A Starsisters Story - Lyra wants to be a way back, olden-timey knight even though she has a giant pig instead of a horse. She doesn't think she'll ever manage to fit in at her teeny, tiny new school way across the ocean in England after she moves there from Jupiter, Florida. To make matters worse, the fib she told Hank the Horrible has made the other kids think she's from Jupiter, THE PLANET! After everyone finds out that she's a starsister, will Lyra ever manage to overcome her shyness and go on a quest like a real knight? #adoption #internationaladoption