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Career Books

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cover of Career Cupid cover of Queen's Best Resumes

Career Columns & Articles

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cover of Career Cupid cover of Queen's Best Resumes

picture of woman blowing dandelion seeds - photo credit, Emily FlakeCreative Non-Fiction

Friends Beyond the End, Globe & Mail

Giving Birth to a Lie, Globe and Mail

Eye Candy, Toronto Star, Wheels.ca

"Against Sainthood" (poem), Queen's Alumni Review Magazine

Community Editorial Board bi-monthly column, Kingston Whig Standard

Picture of my 70's Fiat 500 called HedgehugBlog - A Vintage Life

I know you wont believe it, but not everyone craves a vintage life. Case in point: My husband, Practical Man, has been heard to mutter things like, I threw one of those out in 1972", while I am fawning over my latest treasure.

Read more about my vintage-inspired life

Writing for Children

What could be better than thinking about what pirates eat for breakfast or working out how to keep a giant from sneezing you into next Tuesday?

I am currently writing lower middle-grade books and picture books.